How to use the Azure WebJobs SDK

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Learn more about how to write code for the WebJobs SDK. Create event-driven background processing jobs that access data in Azure services and third-party services. How to use the Azure WebJobs SDK Source: ASP.NET News

Getting started with Windows IoT Episode #4: Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central Integration | Visual Studio Toolbox

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In the fourth episode of this series, Dmirty and Suz connect the smart home device to the outside world for monitoring purposes. The temperature readings from the climate sensor can be pushed to Azure IoT Hub for consumption by cloud based software, such as Azure IoT Central. A walkthrough of both these Azure services will […]

Azure IoT Edge – ready for enterprise-grade, scaled deployment | Internet of Things Show

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Azure IoT Edge is now generally available and ready for production. The release comes with new features making the platform enterprise ready such as 0-touch provisioning and CI-CD support through VSTS. Check out the 0-touch provisioning demo in this new episode of the IoT Show.   Create a Free Account (Azure): Azure IoT Edge […]

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 overview | Azure Friday

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James Baker joins Lara Rubbelke to introduce Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, which is redefining cloud storage for big data analytics due to multi-modal (object store and file system) access and combining the best qualities of a dedicated analytics file system with those of a cloud-scale object store. For more information: Introduction to Azure Data […]

How to record metrics to DataDog from ASP.NET Core

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Steve Gordon explores how DataDog metrics can be recorded from an ASP.NET Core application, specifically focusing on how to run a DogStatsd server in a Docker container during development and how to register a sidecar ECS container when running in production in AWS. How to record metrics to DataDog from ASP.NET Core Source: ASP.NET Daily […]