Why .NET Core for building Cloud Native Apps? | Cloud Native

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Links:– .NET– What is .NET– .NET Core Roadmap– Configuration for .NET Core– Microservices with .NET– TechEmpower Benchmarks [01:33] – Scott talks about the vision of a new .NET[02:55] – Shayne asks what were the challenges creating a new .NET[05:00] – Logging changes, configuration without recompile[07:30] – Middleware and how that has changed the architecture[09:42] – Performance […]

Anomaly Detector v1.0 Best Practices | AI Show

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In our last two episodes we learned a bit about the Azure Anomaly Detector service. We first learned a bit about what it is and how it can be used. Then we looked into bringing the service on premises using containers. As with any service of this kind sometimes it takes a little tweaking to […]