Deploying to on-premises Windows machines with Azure DevOps – Part 1 | The DevOps Lab

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In this series, Abel and Zachary Deptawa walk through deploying to on premises Windows servers behind firewalls using Azure DevOps. In part one, we walk through configuring a Build for a .NET application inside of Azure DevOps. In later episodes, the build will be used with Deployment Groups on Windows servers and we’ll set up a Release […]

Fastlane Automation For Mobile Apps | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show

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This week, James is joined by friend of the show Mahmoud Ali, Microsoft MVP, who shows us how we can be more productive when developing mobile apps with fastlane.  He walks us through several tools bundled into fastlane and how to easily integrate them into your day to day development cycle. Show Links: Fastlane Tools Documentation: […]

Azure IoT Edge development with Azure DevOps | Internet of Things Show

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The Internet of Things is a technology paradigm that involves the use of internet connected devices to publish data often in conjunction with real-time data processing, machine learning, and/or storage services. Development of these systems can be enhanced through application of modern DevOps principles which include tasks like automation, monitoring, and all steps of the […]