Azure IoT Microsoft Professional Program | Internet of Things Show

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Accelerate your career in one of the fastest-growing cloud technology fields: IoT. This program will teach you the device programming, data analytics, machine learning, and solution design skills you need for a successful career in IoT. Learn the skills necessary to start or progress a career working on a team that implements IoT solutions. Get […]

Azure IoT TypeEdge : a strongly-typed development experience for Azure IoT Edge | Internet of Things Show

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Are you excited about Azure IoT Edge? Then you are going to love TypeEdge because it simplifies the IoT Edge development down to a simple F5 experience. Watch how you can now create a complete Azure IoT Edge application from scratch in your favorite development environment, in just a few minutes. Check out the project […]

Connecting Legacy Systems to Modern IoT Apps | Internet of Things Show

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Building IoT applications often requires connecting existing systems and infrastructures to the Cloud. Chris Segura, PM in the Azure IoT team, tells us what that entails and how Azure IoT Edge can be used to bridge legacy systems to modern IoT applications powered by the Cloud. Create a Free Account (Azure):   Connecting Legacy […]

TWC9: Azure IoT Edge Goes GA, Visual Studio 2017 15.8 Preview 3, Windows 95 Phone Concepts and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This week on Channel 9, Christina has decided it’s retro-tech week on TWC9, and has tried to infuse a good mix of nostalgia-tech related news stories, along with the latest dev news, including: [00:16] Azure IoT Edge in General Availability [00:44] The IoT Show episodes showing off zero-touch config of an Edge device using the […]

Azure IoT Edge – ready for enterprise-grade, scaled deployment | Internet of Things Show

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Azure IoT Edge is now generally available and ready for production. The release comes with new features making the platform enterprise ready such as 0-touch provisioning and CI-CD support through VSTS. Check out the 0-touch provisioning demo in this new episode of the IoT Show.   Create a Free Account (Azure): Azure IoT Edge […]

TWC9: AKS Goes GA, Deploying Containers to Azure on the Cheap, Xbox One S Dolls and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This Week on Channel 9, Christina is back from London with two weeks worth of dev news, including: [00:28] Azure Kubernetes Services goes GA. Check out Brendan Burns’ interview about Kubernetes and Azure Friday about AKS going GA [01:10] IoT Show on Kubernetes integration with Azure IoT Edge [01:25] Crafting Build Environments with Containers [01:55] […]