TWC9: Azure Event Grid Goes GA, Kubernetes on Windows 10 with Docker, and more | This Week On Channel 9

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This week on Channel 9, Christina doesn’t have adult supervision so she makes a lot of Dashboard Confessional puns while discussing the week’s top developer news:   [00:18] Azure Event Grid Goes GA [Corey Sanders] [00:53] Announcing TypeScript 2.7 [Daniel Rosenwasser]  [01:16] Jenkins on Azure: From Zero to Hero [Pui Chee Chan]  [01:48] 5 […]

Episode 3: Five Things About React | Five Things

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Learn where the React framework came from, why it is component centric, and what React Fiber is from Dan Abramov and Burke Holland. Why does React make state and components first class concepts? Why does Burke think he is a component? Does Facebook really have 30,000 components in production? Should you use Redux? Why isn’t […]